Slippery When Wet
Crank up this 21st century classic rock and rock blues feast of haunting vocals and solid rhythm guitar dished out by Linda Vee Sado and served up with an explosion of juicy leads courtesy of Count Von Shadow that will leave you humming for more...

Satin Panties Guide
Satin enthusiasts who give readers advice and tips about finding and buying satin lingerie and bras

Fairies is an information rich website about fairies, pixies, and other mythical creatures. Enter The Magical World of Fairies and Folklore.

Boudoir Productions - Burlesque Performance & Workshops
Crimson Boudoir teaches burlesque workshops for women in the privacy of their own homes, and has been written up in Sheckys 3rd addition for her classes.

Hip Hop Clothing
The latest range of urban and street clothing available online from Yukka.

Penfield designer menswear collections online from Glass Boutique.

I Love Vintagebagz
I Love Vintagebagz brings to you gorgeous Vintage bags, saddle bags, satchels, clutch bags, tooled bags, vintage belts, cinch belts & vintage footwear including court heels and pixie Boots, from 1940ís-1980ís

Savvy Examiner
A fabulous website!!! "Straightforward Reviews and Savvy Advice on Trending Collectibles, Products and Ideas"...Editor, Hillary Miles is a national television writer, producer and marketing expert whose clients have included HGTV, The Food Network, CNN and the Turner Entertainment Networks. As Green Lotus on, Hillary writes entertaining articles about fashion, beauty, sex, psychology, health, pets, gardening, metaphysics, philosophy, and interior design.

You're With Me
Select a pillow design that you'd like to have made from your loved one's shirts (such as button-ups or blouses - visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for a more comprehensive list of shirt types we accept).

Designer Gowns 4 U
Have you ever dreamed of having a designer wedding dress or a gorgeous red carpet gown but thought you could never afford one? Look no further! We create top quality designer replicas that no one will know unless you tell them. All you need to do is send us a picture, we send you a quote with a detailed measurement form and within 10 weeks you have a custom made designer gown just for you!

Kay Dove Vintage
Women's Vintage Clothing Shop. Find something beautiful, and unique for every day and every occasion.