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This is very vintage, and it's a heavy little thing as well. Stamped EAM (see photo), it has a unique design. Made by Elgin American, a company known for these items. I do believe it may have been in storage for a period of time to cause just a bit of obvious stains on the front, but I can't tell exactly what it would have looked like before. The front is brown fabric with a floral motif. Could be creatively spruced up to look more colorful. The edges around the fabric, on the silver, are a pretty design of swirls and painted with brown in contrast. There is definitely a spot on the front where it can be engraved. The inside has compartments for a comb, a small makeup pad, a hankie, lipstick and change. As you can see, the comb and the hankie are still there. I haven't unfolded or removed the hankie, this is as found. The mirror does have a crack in it where a piece is missing, I'm sure this could be refurbished and replaced. There is a drop chain handle as well, which appears in fine condition. Overall, this just needs some TLC and a bit of cleanup, a wonderful collectible. The purse measures 3.5" x 3.5" with an additional 4.5" chain drop. It is quite old, definitely worth having in your collection.

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Price: 59.00